About me

Here I will show you the art I bring into this world since 1999. Mayamba Art is a concept in my continuing to manifest my talents and share it with you. You can also read some of my poetry here.

My talents are:
• Visual arts
• Poetry
• Dancing
• Percussionist


Portrait of Mayamba, by Leo Haegens.

1963: Born in Angola

1993: Move to The Netherlands

August 2008: Move to Haarlem

1999: In 1999 she started in visual arts as an autodidact. Later, under supervision of many different Dutch masters, Mayamba developed her talents even further.
Drawing portraits at Jackeline Bakker in Alkmaar.
Drawing intuively at Rien van Holland from Heerhugowaard.
At Artiance under professional guidance by Martina Otto and Ivon Spee, she followed the course in Acryl painting and entered the premaster college at the Art Academy.

2005-2008: In 2005 and in 2008 she joined the national contest of “Talenspalet” in Hoorn. In 2005 she became classified in the pre contest. She was selected in the final contest, and her winning art was since exposed in the CODA Museum, in Apeldoorn, during that summer.


Her style is expressive-figurative with a lot of attention to the contrast in the composition. She uses oil and acrylic paint and charcoal on paper, canvas and panel. Sometimes she makes combinations of collages, charcoal in combination with chinese ink, chalk or pencil. She sets her scenarios firmly, colorful and translucent, thinking big. She loves the craft and nowadays she works on self-prepared panel. She combines her exhibitions with ceramic sculptures that she has been making since 2020.


Mayamba gets her inspiration from nature. Her artwork must then be assured of the ‘x factor’, a combination of warmth and mysticism that is often elusive to the eye. She does not dwell on a subject. Her fantasy is too immense for that. From flowers to human forms of life. Her use of color depends on her mood. From bright, fresh colors to brown tones with lots of light. The colors of ‘Mother Nature’.